Podcasts Worth Your Time

Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening (pick whichever one you’re currently reading this at)! Happy Monday – I hope it has been a productive day for you all!

Recently I’ve really been getting into listening to podcasts and personal development, because why not. You are worth investing the time into yourself to become a better you (not that you aren’t already great). This was one of my focuses for this year and I wanted to share some of my favorite podcasts and the episodes that I think are worth your time to go and listen to – there’s a takeaway for everyone!

First and foremost the EmpowerHER podcast by none other than Kacia Fitzgerald. Thanks to a suggestion by a friend I have become obsessed with listening to her podcasts, while yes they are geared to women, men can take away just as much from the episodes. She discusses a wide range of topics and how we can use purpose driven action to become better individuals! Some of my favorite episodes are listed below, but don’t get me wrong I’ve listened to every episode plus some previous published since I’ve started listening!

  • Tips to get your HAPPY ON!
  • What if you just GO FOR IT?

Second, also suggested by the same friend mentioned above, The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. She focuses more on how you can build your dream job and answers those questions that have your self-worth the main question in your head of are you good enough? Episodes you should check out:

  • 225: Answered: Is It Better To Be An Introvert or Extrovert
  • 220: There Aren’t Really Failures: Here’s Proof
  • 200: Not Feeling Creative? Listen to This

Lastly, the You Can Sip With Us podcast with Ashlie & Colleen. This is one of those podcasts that you just tune into, laugh and have a good time listening to. These two talk about what they like or don’t like that week, some hot takes and shenanigans! I like this one cause I’ll check out the products they mention in their podcasts and they explain why they like it and overall it’s just a fun podcast to listen too! I don’t have a list of favorite episodes because they are all amazing and honestly since I started listening I’ve listened to them all.

Some other note worthy podcasts to check out are Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis (come on we all know how motivational she can be!), Ear Biscuits with Rhett & Link (Good Mythical Morning is their YouTube channel), and The Bobby Bones show (if you’re in the south or like country music you’ll know who this is!).

What are some of your favorite personal development podcasts?? Share them with me below!