Happy 2019, Let’s Talk Goals!

Happy 2019 everyone! Can you believe how fast 2018 went?!

I’m sorry for the hiatus but I went on vacation for a couple weeks in December and then the beginning of this year has just been a whirlwind!

I wanted to make my first post of the year about goals and what I wanted to accomplish in the 2019 year. I know this is probably like every other post for the beginning of the year, but for me writing out my goals and talking with other individuals about their goals are what inspires me to put them into action. I’ve written them down in my bullet journal (new thing this year!), and have also put them in my phone so I can have them with me wherever I am.

My first and biggest goal of 2019 is focusing on self love and becoming the healthiest me I know I can be. I know that this is a huge trend lately and it is one I am gladly hopping on the bandwagon for. In the end of the 2018 year I got into a pretty good funk and I’m pretty good about not showing it and I’ve recognized that this isn’t healthy. I gained more weight than I have ever before and I just didn’t enjoy looking at my body or self in the mirror. I chose this because I hit a point where I checked the number on the scale and to be frank I was like “holy sh*t” I need to do something about this and that’s when I really decided to give myself some goals and hold myself accountable. So a few things to achieve this goal that I am doing are:

  1. I have signed up for a program that works for me. I’ve used the program before, used their products, and I’ve seen results. I kept the before and after pictures of that round to remind myself that it works and it was definitely a big push for me just do what I needed to do. I am now on the 2nd week and I’ve already seen small results, which has motivated me to work even harder the next few months.
  2. I am eating healthier and sticking to the timed nutrition plan that I’ve been giving. I feel more energized and my cravings have already significantly subsided.
  3. I am in an accountability group. This is probably the biggest one that helps me feel motivated, knowing that I’m not the only one struggling with trying to be better.
  4. I have started exploring personal development podcasts, this one is brand new so I don’t have any thoughts quite yet on this one. So if you have any that you can’t live without comment below so I can listen!

My second goal is to do something out of my comfort zone. It doesn’t matter what it is whether it’s one big thing or multiple little things or a mix to both. I’m not giving my self a number here because I feel that’s a little daunting especially when we are talking comfort zones. So I could just accomplish one or I could accomplish 4-5. I can tell you I have already taken 2 big steps into achieving this:

  1. I joined a program that has an accountability group, while I’ve done this before, I now have a significant reason for why I want to be doing this.
  2. I decided I was going to be a product of the product and share my journey with others, and hopefully have the end result being able to pay what I’ve learned forward to help others.

My third and final goal for 2019 is to learn and see new things. Whether that’s picking up a new hobby or two, going to new restaurants or exploring new cities. I love to explore and this one is a recurring goal each year of mine because seeing new places and expanding that knowledge is something I enjoy no matter the time of year. I have accomplished picking up one new hobby this year and that is bullet journaling. I am still getting into the groove and figuring out the best way to organize it for my daily life is still in the works but it’s coming together and allowing me to create every week, while being able to track my productivity with working out, my stress levels, etc.

I’ve given myself three goals and only three, of course these can change over the course of 2019 based on what I accomplish and when. I’m giving my self only 3 because they are pretty decent and general goals that have small attainable goals with in them. I don’t want my goals to seem daunting or overwhelming to where I just bottle them in my brain and not even touch them again because they stress me out.

What are your goals for 2019?? Is there something that I can do to help you stay accountable or even achieve these goals? I’d love to connect with you and have a conversation to see how I can help you with your goals, even if it’s just a matter of being an ear to listen! Comment here, or reach out to me via my instagram @cravetheextraordinary, you can even send me an email if you’d like a more private converstaion at cravetheextraordinary@gmail.com!