House Sitting on a Farm!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your week has treated you all splendidly!

I have been house sitting this week and let me tell you it has been an eye opener, in a good way! I’ve been thinking about what kind of house I want to buy, what kind of lifestyle I want to live and of course there are several factors that go in to this. Do I want to grow my own produce, do I want to be zero-waste, do I want acreage, etc.

First let me tell you about the house that I’ve been watching for the past week, it’s a small farm. They have chickens and 3 dogs, a greenhouse, some farming land and a 4 bedroom farmhouse. It is in the middle of well, nowhere really, surrounded by cows and other farms. I absolutely loved it! It was quiet and refreshing to stay there for the week.

It solidified the direction I see myself going when considering lifestyles. I’ve been thinking about the small farm lifestyle, not being a full small farm for years down the road, but I do want a greenhouse and some chickens. I would love to be able to grow some of my own produce just for my household to cut down on grocery shopping.

I was unsure of the chicken adventure until I stayed at this house and really got into the process. It was amazing to go and collect the eggs each day and be able to eat them knowing how fresh they are, at little cost. I will say that when I first started doing it I was nervous the chickens were going to try and escape, because when you have the food bucket they follow you… like sunflowers following the sun. So every time I took their food bucket out of the coop they followed, none escaped so all was well!

One funny thing is when you walk into the coop the eggs could be anywhere! The first time I found an egg right on the coop floor, then I would continue to find them on top of their brooding boxes! Makes you wonder, why even have the brooding boxes if they ain’t even gonna use them, gave me a good laugh each time.

Another great thing about this week has been that I’ve been up before 6am all week. Partially because the commute to work is 40minutes versus my 5min usual “commute”. Waking up at 5:30 the first day was not easy, at all. I am not a morning person, I’m cranky until I’ve had my coffee…seriously. However by the end of the week my body was naturally waking up that early without the alarm.

Now that I’m back to my short commute I am going to have to come up with some ways to be productive first thing in the morning so that I can continue to utilize my day wisely! I think working out in the morning will be one of these things that I do!

What do you do in the morning to get your day going?