Hi There! I’m Kathyn, I’m a coffee lover trying (key word) to live a healthier lifestyle while trying to organize my mess of a life and have some adventures along the way!

My hope is that this blog will be one of encouragement, motivation and an inside look on my somewhat organized, crazy and fun mess of a life! This blog will have a wide variety of posts from daily stories and experiences, food topics (because in all honesty who doesn’t love food?!) as well as DIY projects both successful and not so successful!

Thank YOU for joining me in craving the extraordinary! Craving the Extraordinary is all about going after your dreams, yearning for the experiences life has to offer and finding the ways to become not only a better person but the person we strive to be every day.

I would love to connect with you beyond the blog! Feel free to say hello on Instagram,  and Pinterest, use the @cravetheextraordinary or #cravetheextraordinary!