The Grove Collaborative


Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission or credit to the to fund my addiction to sustainable and healthy cleaning and household products if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll help me to keep my house clean (plus there’s a free gift after your first purchase)! It’s a win for everyone, really!

If you haven’t heard of the Grove Collaborative I am here to tell you about all the wonderful things that it has to offer, and no I am not getting paid to write this post – though read my disclaimer above, I may be credited if you check out using my link that I’ve provided below (SPOILER: There’s a free gift set in it for you once you check out)!

So what is the Grove Collaborative? Well in layman terms, if you sign up to be a VIP member you receive recurring shipments (that you schedule – it could be once a year if you preferred) of sustainable household products from brands that seek to have the cleanest ingredients and ethical supply chains! If you are a VIP member you receive your own personal guide that will suggest different products to you that you may not have though of or sought out.

Some of my favorite brands are the Mrs. Meyer’s household cleaning products – these have not failed me yet! They smell fantastic and get the job done. Another brand is the Grove’s personal brand which comes out with new products quite often! One of their newest products that I received is the toilet paper (I know, who knew I’d be talking about TP) and tissue paper, the twist is that it is made from Bamboo rather than trees! Plus every time I buy a cube it goes towards restoration efforts here in the U.S., which I love knowing that when I buy products that I’m doing what I can for the environment.

There isn’t just household products either on the website they have household products, personal care products (you can see the coffee facial scrub in the left of my photo above, the brown stick with the word YES on it, or even my hand sanitizer on the right – they have a pump bottle and travel sprays which make it convenient!),  products for kids and pets!

Some of the products I receive monthly are coconut oil (so many uses), sponges, hand sanitizer, dish soap, candles, essential oils, I mean the variety of products that I can get from the Grove Collaborative and feel good about is amazing! I have been receiving shipments from them since February of this year and haven’t bought a single cleaning product from another store. I’ll have to admit I’m a fan of the convenience that it is delivered to your door and they email you a few days before asking you to check your cart and make any last minute changes.

So if you’d like to see what I’m raving about or what your free gift may be after your first purchase, go over to the Grove Collaborative and check them out! If you use this link: you’ll receive a 5-piece gift set after your first purchase!

Have you used a subscription service before? What are some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!

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