Crossfit Craze

I have failed when it comes to home workouts, the motivation for working out at home doing the same workouts over and over, has completely ended for me. I think the hardest part about working out at home for me is that I have to come up with the workout that I plan to do. Yes you can get memberships to online videos but that will cost you a pretty penny and even then it’s the same routine every week, and that gets a little old and boring. If you don’t have an online membership you have to scroll through Pinterest or Instagram to figure out what the workout is going to be, and by the time I’ve figured that out my motivation for the workout that day is gone and I’m ready for some cake.

Recently I’ve been feeling really down about working out and the fitness journey that I’ve talked about being on in previous posts. I haven’t worked out in a few weeks and I honestly don’t have any excuses besides the fact that I have no motivation and just haven’t cared until I stepped on a scale early last week and realized I was at my heaviest weight I’ve been at in my ENTIRE life. My eyes literally bugged out of my face, and I knew it was time to lose some weight and get back to having a fit life. I knew that I couldn’t go back to doing home workouts because it fails after 1-2 months every time. So I went on the internet to find the other options in the area.

Now I knew that I needed somewhere that I could have the workouts already figured out for me, or classes I could take that are not the same routine every week. This way I wouldn’t get bored, and I didn’t have to think about what the workout was going to be. I also was being cost aware because if I was going to buy some supplements as well I didn’t want to spend more than $100.00 on a membership a months. The first option that came up was the university gym that’s in town, while it was very cost efficient it nixed the idea of having the workouts already figured out.

The second option that came up was Crossfit. I’ve heard so much about Crossfit, both good and bad, about how it’s not good for your body but there are SO many success stories and those that are involved with Crossfit rave about it on every platform they can. So I decided to look up a Crossfit box in my area and I went to try it out. The first thing I noticed was the sense of comradery that the box (this is what the gym is called)had, it was welcoming and they were so open to answering any questions that I had. So I decided to give it a try.

Before I could become an official member they have you go through on-ramp classes which teach you the fundamentals, the vocabulary and basic moves. You do this to see if you joining is something that you actually want to do and so that if you do become a member that you know the basics of the workouts that you are doing. They talk about nutrition and taking care of your body so that you know when you need to rest and aren’t overworking your muscles, which could lead to injury.

I finished the on-ramp classes last week and I will tell you it was not easy but it was fulfilling. After the first class I went home and said what have I decided to get myself into, my legs were hurting that night even though the workout was 6 minutes, an INTENSE 6 minutes. It wasn’t easy because I hadn’t worked out in a few weeks and was out of shape, I’ve been eating like crap and of course that doesn’t help your energy levels before you work out. But I was excited about how I was feeling cause while my legs were in pain I was so energized and felt so much better that I was actually doing some sort of physical activity rather than just lazing around all day in my free time.

I decided that I definitely wanted to pay for a membership because it was reasonable prices but mainly because the atmosphere of the box is so encouraging and non-judgmental. I was hesitant to join a gym because I haven’t worked out in front of other people in a long time and am self-conscious about whether they are judging me because I’m not as fit as they are, etc. But this atmosphere is completely opposite they care where you are in your fitness level but they also are encouraging you to get stronger in a positive way.

I have my first class today that is not on-ramp, it is a full WOD (Workout of the Day) and I’m slightly nervous because I know it’s gonna be killer but I’m also excited. I’ll check back in about how my first week went next Monday! I am going to the lake this week so I’ll only have 4 days that I do Crossfit but again it’s so much better than not doing anything!

Are you a part of a gym? If so, what’s your favorite part of being a member??

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