Just do it.

Why did I start this blog? It’s just like Nike says “Just do it.” and that is exactly what I am gonna do. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for some time now and have never gotten around to it, who are we kidding… that’s not true. I should say I’ve been more hesitant and have come up with a million and one excuses as to why I shouldn’t start it, afraid of what people might think, what they might say about it and nervous that it will be a complete flop.

Recently I’ve been thinking about why I let myself push away opportunites and things that I want to do just because of what I think MIGHT happen or what people MIGHT say. But that’s not what matters, the only thing that matters is that I am doing things that align with my pursuit of happiness and my craving for an extraordinary life. That is exactly what this blog is, a way for me to express my thoughts and share my experiences with you all.

So a little bit about me!

I’ve recently (a year ago…so not too recent) moved across the country, Oregon to Virginia, BIG move huh? This was an exciting move for me. I’ve always lived on the West Coast and was excited to move to a brand new place with so much potential to meet new people, and experience new things in life! One thing I’m excited about Virginia is that I love the outdoors, and VA has those experiences. Anything to do with it. Boating, hiking, camping, you name it and I most likely am a fan!

I currently work as an IT Business Analyst. I know what you’re thinking… what is an IT Business Analyst? Basically I analyze business… HA! Actually I analyze the business processes that are currently the standard for an office and then suggest ways in which we can use technology or software to help improve the business process to make it more efficient. Alright… I know I’ve probably lost you, so I’ll move on!

Looking ahead for the blog, if you’ve read my about page you know that I want this blog to be encouraging and motivational, as well as fun as I attempt to learn new skills. You will see posts about my trips, both day and weekend, DIY projects both successful and not so successful, food related topics… cause who doesn’t love food? I will write about hot topics that I’ve seen floating around the social media as well.

Most importantly I want to engage with YOU. I want to go beyond the blog and connect with you, I want to know your opinions, what you tried, did you try something I suggested, did it work, or did it not? I not only want to encourage and motivate you all, I want to be ecouraged and motviated from you as well!

So to start off my question to you is, what do you want to see me post about? Write your suggestions in the comments below, or use the contact form to send me an email!


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